Service Navigation

Autism Ontario is playing a key role in offering orientation and system navigation supports to families who are accessing or interested in accessing the new Ontario Autism Program (OAP). Autism Ontario will offer direct supports to families through the OAP Service Navigation Program to:

  • Help families understand the new Ontario Autism Program and the services available to purchase with their Childhood Budgets and/or Interim One Time Funding
  • Find qualified providers; 
  • Support families in navigating their local autism services to access meaningful and effective supports; 
  • Provide access to parent resources and webinars; and
  • Provide opportunities for families to connect with each other at events, including through peer-to-peer mentoring and social learning opportunities for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Through this new program, families will have access to Service Navigators, who will provide navigation support and information to families through workshops, training sessions and individual direct support. Autism Ontario is funded to provide these supports to families, and there are no fees for families to access these service navigation supports.

If you are a family who is accessing or interested in accessing the new Ontario Autism Program, you can register to connect with our Service Navigators or contact Autism Ontario staff at 1-800-472-7789.

Autism Ontario’s Service Navigators will not provide families with service planning, case management, clinical support, behavioural services, or one-on-one parent coaching. 

Autism Ontario will not be involved in registration, intake, waitlist management, determining eligibility for OAP Childhood Budgets, funding distribution or reconciliation for the Ontario Autism Program. If you require assistance with these areas, please email the ministry’s Central Intake and Registration team at: or call 1-888-444-4530